Team United is a group of individuals invested in ensuring a secure future for ourselves and generations to come. Making up more than 13% of the U.S. population, there are over 42 million black people in the United States. Ever since we were stolen from our homeland and enslaved in America, blacks have experienced racial, social, and economic injustice. Forming a strong sense of unity within the black community will not only empower us, but also allow our voices to merge for the purpose of building a solid economic foundation. Other racial groups have platforms to voice their grievances because of their unity and economic strength. As a result, they have been able to forge their way and demand equality. We as Black people need this power, but we have not built a sufficient economic foundation to demand it. Marching and protesting have proven to bring only marginal results. Black lives matter and for us to experience significant change, we must also pool our resources and build a strong economic base.

TEAM UNITED supports unity on an economic front. We need to demonstrate that the spending power of the black community is a tremendous force. As a result, it can be used to promote our interests and gain additional resources to advance our community. Each one of us can make a difference by changing spending habits and building beneficial business relationships. We have several Black-Owned businesses, franchises, and other professional and social resources that we can patronize. Team United stands poised and ready to work with other organizations across the country to be a champion for black unity. JOIN TEAM UNITED TO BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE THAT WE ALL WANT TO SEE WITHIN OUR COMMUNITIES. LET’S UNITE!